Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The start of Karing 4 Kidz

It makes me sad that so many people don’t have enough money to buy their kids any foodL. Did you know that the statistics, according to, state that over 50% of the children in Fitchburg public elementary schools receive free or reduced lunch?  I wonder if those kids think about their hunger instead of their education.
Fitchburg Pubic Elementary Schools
·         Crocker Elementary has 61%
·         McKay Campus has 59%
·         South Street has 63%
The good part is I can make more kidpacks and help more kids.  J   You can too!  Contact us to learn how to help karing 4 kidz support Fitchburg children.  We can talk about a food drive or a fundraiser to help buy healthy foods for 50 children each weekend this coming school year.

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