Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Kidz Added

Even now this far into the school year we are still asked to help additional kids. They may be new kids that just came into one of our schools or kids that were just now found and need help. We will never say NO. This child may be in a greater need than any one we are currently helping. This week in the food packs, as a snack, we gave oreo cookies, they were on sale for the first time this school year. One school reported that the kids acted as if  it were Christmas. Hearing this reminds me how fortunate I am, and with little effort what my team and I can do to help the lives of others. Some people asked me how can someone your age do that, I just think how can I not.....Kira

Thank you Christ Church

Thank You Christ Church Fitchburg for making Easter Baskets for our kids!

"Can't wait for the kidz to see this"