Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Invisible Epidemic

Childhood Hunger!  Our schools are telling us the need is tremendous. Trying to teach a child who hasn't eaten all weekend is next to impossible. They come to school Monday morning and can't concentrate, they can't focus. No child should have to go hungry but it happens every day. I look forward to Fridays as it is my favorite day of the week, it brings me so much joy knowing the kids get so excited when they get their food and are OK for the weekend.  We now have more kids then we ever had and I cannot say, "NO MORE".  As the holidays are quickly approaching please consider one more gift. This may be the greatest gift of all, a gift given to someone who cannot give back. There are 27 weeks left in the school year. Please consider sponsoring a child for $69.00, the balance of the school year which will provide food over the weekend for a child, and joy for you.